Mehbooba fails to revive her party with Rasana Case: Ch. Lal Singh

JAMMU, JUL 14: Ex-Minister and MLA Basohli Choudhary Lal Singh today pooh-poohed the claim of ex-Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti wherein she had said that if New Delhi breaks up her party, Kashmir situation would return to the 1990s.
“You denied the 8 year old daughter of Dogras from Rasana CBI probe purely for political reasons. You knew well that your inefficiency and incapability had already caused irreparable damage to your party in Kashmir valley and you tried to use Rasana case to revive your party. You tried to use the murder of the 8 year old Goddess to regain the lost political ground across Kashmir valley. But you lost both goodwill of people of Jammu region and trust of your people in Kashmir region,” said Choudhary Lal Singh while addressing series of gatherings in Pucca Danga and Moti Bazaar areas of Jammu city.
He added “How can someone who isn’t sure about who all are in her party can expect someone would pick up gun and become a terrorist if her party breaks up? She should stop these blackmailing tactics and instead, use all her energies to save her party. Her policies and style of working has already caused irreparable damage to both the regions.” Choudhary Lal Singh said that the reversal of the damage to the social fabric caused by the communal and regionally biased mindset of ex-Chief Minister should begin by ordering CBI probe in the Rasana case.
“Dogras should stay focused and not worry about the negative propaganda being done by the enemies of Dogras who have got frightened due to the unity and discipline that we have shown during the last three months. I can see a revolution is about to come which would change discourse on Jammu and Kashmir for all times to come. Jammu region would get its due share and no one would be able to repeat the kind of things that they did in the Rasana case. But the only requirement is that we should stay united and not get disturbed by the propaganda of the detractors,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
“I must tell everyone ordering CBI probe in the Rasana case would heal the wounds of the people of Jammu region to some extent. There has already been too much delay in ordering a CBI probe. People are waiting for the government to announce CBI probe. If the government fails in doing its duty, political fallout of this cannot be ruled out. People are wise enough. They read and understand everything these days. These days information travels at a lightening pace,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
Talking about the Dogra history, Choudhary Lal Singh said “We have historically been secular and optimists in our approach and we need no lessons from those who have always played communal and Pakistani card to win elections in Kashmir valley on how to keep the state united. And I have no reservations when I say that it is Jammu which has kept secularism alive in the state whereas those who call themselves secular have always played communal politics.” He added that Jammu is for CBI probe in Rasana case and if the same is further delayed, people will have to start thinking about other options.
He urged youngsters to use social media to correct the perception which some people still have about the Rasana case. “You are doing tremendous job. I want you to stay focused and keep on doing what you have been doing since the last three months. It is you who have to take this struggle to the logical conclusion. You are the hope for a better and transformed future of the Dogras. You are the ones who would force state government to order CBI probe in the Rasana case,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.