Health Benefits of Soy Milk

What we generally extract from plant based foods are their oils and juices. Some juices are referred to as ‘milk’ simply because of being white in colour like an animal’s milk. Soy milk is one such white extract from soy beans.
Though soy beans have been used traditionally in some parts of the world, their modern day widespread use is more as a replacement for dairy milk and as a high source of protein in lieu of flesh and eggs of animals.
Soy milk has many nutritional benefits since it is the best source of macronutrients like protein, a rich source of micronutrients like omega 3 and a top source of phytonutrients like isoflavones. As regards its medicinal value, soy milk can treat chronic inflammation, unbalanced cholesterol levels, PMS and menopausal symptoms. It can even prevent Osteoporosis, Heart Disease, Prostrate and Breast cancer. And soy milk is proven to assist bone fitness, weight management, hair and skin care. Among its many health benefits, soy milk is also completely free of harmful substances like lactose, casein and cholesterol that are found in dairy milk.
As more and more people get into the business of producing and selling soy milk, we can foresee easy availability and access to a health drink that we can all benefit from.
Malvika Kalra
Founder REHAI