The way Indian population graph is moving ahead the nation will soon have a population larger than that of China and the rate of population growth of this magnitude is far out of balance with rates of social and economic advancement in India as a result of which there is an imminent danger of an unprecedented crisis on this count in the near future especially if appropriate measures including the imposition of coercive measures for fertility regulation are not taken well in time to curb the possibility of such an eventuality. As the world including India observes the World Population Day on July 11, it is high time, here in India that those at the hem of affairs in the governance of this largest democracy pay equal rather more attention towards the fast ticking Population Bomb that has the potential of not only mass starvation of humans but also resulting in other major societal upheavals. In India successive governments continue to make tall claims about self sufficiency in terms of food but never has the darker side of this very highly parroted achievement highlighted. It needs to be understood and realized that despite having sufficient food as per the Indian population count, a substantial section of the population does not have the financial capacity to purchase even the meager amount food grains essential for survival. Not only this, thousands of metric tonnes of food grains get rotten due to absence of proper storage facilities across the nation. Thus it would not be wrong to say that despite self sufficiency and launching various schemes to address the food issue, the existing population in India is not being fed adequately, and in view of population growing rapidly it would be unreasonable to expect sufficient improvements in food production to feed everyone unless a slew of measures are taken well in advance without any further delay. Another most important fact is that the growing population has placed escalating strains on all aspects of the natural world which is the only source of food or other materials necessary for ensuring comfortable life for the people. Hence conservation of natural resources assumes utmost importance in this regard with emphasis on sustainable development and it is high time that the citizens across the nation stay alert towards the importance of environmental issues and initiate all measures within their reach at individual as well as community level to preserve the ecosystem at all costs. Here it would not be out of context to mention that as a result of huge population India is a nation with the biggest youth power in the world as a result of which it has the biggest army of unemployed youth. Thus the cumulative effect of all these factors is that India stands worst affected on all the fronts and has no option other than rapidly bringing its population growth rate to zero or even making it negative. There should be a conscious regulation of population count accompanied simultaneously at least with unprecedented thrust not only on increasing our food production but also ensuring that every citizen of the nation gets financially sound at least to the extent of purchasing square meals for his family. One shudders to imagine the situation in the country when we become the most populous in the world. It would not be a moment to be proud of but a moment to hang our heads in shame for not being able to handle something which was well within our own control. Over population is always followed by, pollution, competition for resources, jobs, booming corruption in all walks of life, deteriorating rule of law, increasing crime rate, destruction of wild life, increasing noise, unhygienic surroundings, crowded transportation and much more. It is hoped that the policy planners while rising to the occasion, take a pledge to meticulously plan a strategy to overcome the imminent crisis.