With the tight security arrangements in the valley on the second death anniversary of terrorist Burhan Wani the right thinking populace in the valley and across the nation hopes that good sense prevails upon the people who are hell bent upon glorifying the terrorists in the valley and adding fuel to the fire in the already deteriorated law and order situation in the valley with common people being the ultimate sufferers. The obnoxious trend of glorifying criminals by their friends, relatives or media serves no purpose other than to motivate and lure other sick and vulnerable individuals in the society who desire instant fame and celebrity status, to take to the path of crime. Unfortunately the menace of such glorification is in vogue in our country especially in the militancy infested areas and some pockets across the nation being under the underworld influence. History bears testimony to the fact that glorifying criminals and making them celebrities has only resulted in dangerous repercussions for the society at large and more than that those glorifying such elements becoming the worst victims themselves. It is quite unfortunate to observe that terrorists on being killed by the security forces in the Valley are being accorded martyr’s funerals with good attendance at the funeral of slain merchants of death and destruction killed by the security forces. In this context it would not be out of place to mention that even senior leaders from the opposition especially Congress have been reiterating that they don’t see any logic in mourning the death of Hizbul Mujahideen militant Burhan Wani. Without mincing of words they made it clear in unambiguous terms that Burhan Wani was a terrorist and one who inflicts terror has to die some day. The former CM of J&K Ghulam Nabi Azad had last year gone further by stating that terrorist is a terrorist and there is no point mourning death of such a person. However, it is unfortunate that leaders from some political parties issue statements full of ambiguity thus confusing the people in their constituencies who get misled on the issue. What an irony that leaders of the people in such a precarious situation instead of dousing the flames continue politicking on the issue. For the past some time whenever terrorists get annihilated during encounters in the militancy infested areas in our state, within no time after end of the encounter the locals motivated by certain anti national elements ensure celebrity funerals for these criminals responsible for mayhem of innocent besides collateral damage to life and properties in encounters. The situation in the valley is quite disturbing and it is the duty of the leaders of all hues there to dissuade the youngsters from getting lured by the terror factories across the border. Today there is a dire need for initiating joint efforts by the leaders as well as the elders in the society to stop the trend of glorifying terrorists with utmost sincerity failing which the future generations are undoubtedly going to face the worst of the times. The menace is still not unmanageable and needs to be arrested instantaneously before it could be dangerous for the whole nation. Moreover it needs to be understood that terrorist is a terrorist and criminal is a criminal irrespective of the faith or religion to which he or she belongs. This is a stark reality to which everyone belonging to any faith or religion will have to reconcile sooner than later.