In Yemen, 46 detainees released from UAE-controlled prison

Cairo: A Yemeni prosecutor says 46 detainees have been released from one of several prisons controlled by the United Arab Emiratis in southern Yemen where AP reporting has shown that widespread sexual abuse and torture of prisoners took place. Detainees provided the list of some of the 46 people freed from the Beir Ahmed prison in the southern port city of Aden. Prosecutor Mohammed Ali Saleh confirmed the prisoners’ release on Tuesday, without elaborating. Restrictions on the kind of work women can do in Saudi Arabia are being eased. Women are only allowed to drive as of this month. And already some want to become taxi drivers. The pace of change has suddenly accelerated. The release followed AP’s investigation that found a rampant abuse of prisoners in several prisons either directly run by the UAE or by forces it funds and arms. The UAE has denied it runs prisons in Yemen, insisting the Yemeni government is in full control. But Interior Minister Ahmed al-Maysari says he has no control over the prisons. Agencies