Need to be united to restore honour, dignity of Dogras: Ch Lal Singh

KATHUA, JUL 1: Ex-Minister and MLA Basohli, Choudhary Lal Singh has reiterated his demand for a CBI probe into Rassana rape and murder case. Addressing a gathering in Kathua today the BJP MLA threatened to intensify the agitation launched to restore the honour and dignity of Dogras in the state.
Choudhary Lal Singh said, “Whenever they see Jammu region united, attempts are made to create confusion and divide us along political, religious and caste based lines. But it seems that all their attempts have met with failure this time. The 8 year old Goddess from Rassana has brought us all together. We are speaking in one voice. And be sure, they would be forced to recommend CBI probe and if they delay, those who call themselves leaders of Jammu region would be left with no option but to join the revolution which is slowly but steadily gaining momentum all over Jammu region.”
Lal Singh asserted that even those who are part of the government from Jammu region would have to join this movement for justice. ” If they do not, they will have to search constituencies in Kashmir valley from where they will contest elections as and when they are held. This is the public sentiment and mood which I am conveying since I have addressed more than 400 gatherings all over Jammu region. I can tell you with surety people won’t forgive you,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
Choudhary Lal Singh asserted that CBI probe in Rassana case would be the first step towards our greater good. We have faced the worst kind of discrimination at the hands of those who talk at length about secularism of Jammu region when it suits them and call us communal when we seek an end to the discrimination. If CBI is the only credible institution for Kashmir valley, why it becomes doubtful in case of Jammu, the reason being that Kashmir based politicians see CBI through a communal and religious lens.
It is pertinent to mention here that Ch Lal Singh has also been demanding that September 23 be declared a holiday all over Jammu and Kashmir since it is the day when Maharaja Hari Singh was born, a Maharaja who gave this state several important legislations besides creating institutions which have over the years become economic backbone of the state. He said that Maharaja Hari Singh was secular to the core and a brave Dogra, who brought several reforms in the state revenue and financial system and his contribution has been exemplary and historic.