VAR controversy mars Brazil’s win over Costa Rica

New Delhi, Jun 22: Brazil’s second Group game of the FIFA World Cup 2018 looked headed for a goalless draw as a stubborn Costa Rica defence and some wayward finishing left the Selacao frustrated.
Things seemed to look up in the 79th minute of the game when Neymar was brought down in the penalty area and the referee had no hesitation in pointing towards the spot.
He did, however, decide to use the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) to double check his decision. It was at this point when things got interesting.
The video replays showed that while there was contact made by the defender to pull Neymar down, it was minimal and the referee came to the conclusion that the forward made the most of the challenge. The referee then overturned his decision, much to the angst of Brazil fans and players alike. The call to reverse the decision can be debated but there are two major issues that will likely be a source of contention among fans and experts. For one, there appears to be a lack of consistency when it comes to referees deciding what constitutes a foul and on which part of the pitch. Neymar has been known to go down easily in the past but there was definite contact made by the defender and had this foul been committed anywhere outside the penalty area, he would have been awarded a free-kick.
The logical call, therefore, would be to either not give free-kicks and penalties for tackles that see minimum contact or to award a foul whenever contact is made, regardless of the severity of the challenge.