While J&K bleeds, PM throwing fitness challenges to celebrities: Panthers Party

GJ Report
Jammu, Jun 15: Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party on Friday lashed out at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserting that while Pakistan was on a killing spree in the Jammu and Kashmir with tensions escalating with each passing day on the borders as well as within, he was holding out fitness challenges to his political rivals besides bollywood stars and celebrities.
“At a time when the nation was faced with a formidable challenge, both external as well as internal, it was shocking to see the PM uploading his fitness videos on twitter with chats and challenges thrown to a coterie of bollywood and sports celebs”, Singh added.
He said that with Pakistan’s notoriety having assumed alarming proportions and mass killings of soldiers and civilians taking place on day to day basis, even journalists being mercilessly assassinated, the PM had failed to respond appropriately to Pak misadventures despite his rhetorical overtures and glamorous slogans of “ten Pak heads for one Indian head”, said Singh.
He added that it was unfortunate that the PM was downplaying the prevalent crisis in the state by his diversionary tactics and through fitness videos and health challenges posted on social media, adding, “it was appalling to see the govt functionaries and Police officers across the nation exhibiting a culture of sycophancy by doing push-ups even during working hours and posting their videos on facebook and twitter which seems to have become a nationwide trend”.
It is extremely regrettable that at a time when the nation was confronted with gravest security challenges posed by Pakistan, the helmsmen were busy in tantrums like fitness challenges to distract our attention from prevalent crisis in the country.”
Fitness is not judged by uploading one minute video of physical exercise but by the courage of conviction and strength to effectively rebuff the enemy which was conspicuously missing in the present case, said Harsh. He added that in the present circumstances, the real test of fitness was to teach Pakistan a life time lesson for its misadventures and aggressions, for its duplicity, deceit and belligerence.
Maintaining that a Gym trainer can take better care of physical fitness, Singh called upon Modi to take care of the country and to accept the challenges to our security and survival as a nation.
Accept the challenge to provide jobs to youth, relief to farmers, justice to under employed youth, respite to middle classes from rising prices, freedom from corruption and criminalization of society and accountability and transparency in govt functioning besides upholding the territorial integrity and sovereignty of nation, added Harsh.
He said that these were the issues that had failed to get the focussed attention of PM Modi despite they constituting the fulcrum of BJP’s election manifesto. And not only were such significant public issues discarded and jettisoned through diversionary tactics, the PM was slow to even acknowledge the Kathua and unnao rape cases which attracted worldwide attention with their international ramifications.
Strongly condemning the recent report of UN dubbing India as violater of human rights in Kashmir as highly biased and prejudiced, Singh questioned the much trumpeted foreign policy of Modi govt which had failed to convince the international community of Pakistan’s unwarranted meddling in J&K affairs and its overt and covert support to armed insurgency on our soils.