BJP bats for adequate security and safety of the journalists

Jammu: Condemning the killing of senior journalist Shujat Bukhari, BJP’s National Vice President and Incharge J&K Affairs, Avinash Rai Khanna on Friday said the terrorists have not killed just one person but their act amounts to murder of entire fourth pillar in the democracy in the country. “They have committed a heinous crime and dented a fraternity, which is engaged in exposing the wrongdoings on every front of life and working relentlessly in pursuit of giving justice to the deprived and strengthen the national forces,” Khanna in a statement issued here said. He said that journalists also work towards bringing awareness among public about nefarious designs of such elements which pose threat to unity and integrity of the country and added, “however, the terrorists chose to attack them to silence their voice. But such incidents and gruesome attacks on selective basis will only strengthen the media and motivate them in further exposing them, without fear or suppression.” He further added that time has come journalists and all media channels work in unity, fearlessly in exposing terrorists and all those elements who pose threat to security of common people and peace of the nation. “The government should also take steps towards ensuring adequate security and safety of the journalists in areas like J&K so that they feel assured and deliver their job in a fair and fearless manner”, said the BJP leader said. Khanna said that history stands witness to the fact that when nation faced such adverse situations; it is the media which stood together to boost the morale of all such forces that work for unity and integrity of the country besides achieving larger goal of peace.