As we observe the World Blood Donor Day today, it is time to reiterate our commitment to realize the significance of blood donation and spread massive awareness about the same across the nation. For Indians the day holds special significance as the nation faces a shortage of 3 million blood units. This shortage can easily be eliminated if only an additional 2% of India’s youth donates blood. To make this possible, there is a dire need for government as well as the non-governmental organizations to play a proactive role by acting as channels connecting voluntary blood donors with those who need blood. Moreover youth will have to play a vital role of blood donors in saving precious lives. They need to come forward and donate blood voluntarily and help save lives. People in general both at the individual as well as organizational level must become a vital part of this most noble cause whereby blood donated proves to be a gift of life for the needy. Blood donation is one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards the society. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood. The body of the donor can regenerate the blood within few days. It poses no threat to the metabolism of the body. Blood cannot be manufactured in factories; it can only come from generous donors. To cater to this demand multiple projects need to be launched in addition to the already existing ones in order to solve the problem of blood shortage in India. While the ‘World Blood Donor Day’ is observed on 14th June every year it is really appreciable that the observance of this day does not remain confined to traditional marking of the day like many other Days earmarked for various social causes. The efforts of both the government and non governmental agencies are quite laudable as organization of blood donation camps has become a routine affair around the year thus going a long way in pursuing the life saving cause whereby the beneficiaries could be a person suffering from anaemia, the one undergoing a surgery, an accident victim or even a pregnant mother in emergency situation. The greatness of the blood donors lies in the fact that those donating during the blood donation camps do not even know as to who would be the beneficiary. Keeping in view this fact such blood donations by persons can undoubtedly can be termed as the greatest service to humanity sans considerations of caste, creed, colour or religious affiliations. Noticing the level of awareness about donating blood especially amongst the youth there should be no relent in efforts in raising this awareness to still higher levels in every nook and corner of the nation especially when the illiterate and uneducated lot in remote areas feel scared even on hearing about blood donation. This is evident from the fact that even the close relatives or attendants of patients from remote areas vanish from the wards in hospital on hearing about the need for blood to save their patient. The clubs, colleges, societies, offices, etc. that are involved in organizing blood donation camps need to focus equally on spreading awareness amongst this lot about the fact that blood donation does not have any adverse effect on a donor’s health. These organizations and agencies are already doing a commendable job which is really a healthy gesture. So let’s all join the volunteers, doctors and students who donate blood at the camps organized from time to time and take a pledge to continue to be a part of this movement not only by spreading awareness among the masses with regard to voluntary blood donation but also by being active blood donors thus enriching the capacity of the blood banks which are still running short of stocks. Let our blood gift life to the needy.