Vomedh Rangmanch stages ‘Khoya Bachpan’

JAMMU, JUN 12: Vomedh Rangmanch presented Hindi play ‘Khoya Bachpan’ written by Rakesh Roshan Bhat and directed by Rohit Bhat at Abhinav Theatre today, as a part of ongoing Jammu Summer Theatre Festival 2018.
With Khoya Bachpan, Vomedh Rangmanch has once again initiated a new concept in theatre circles by introducing donor passes to attract real theatre lovers besides creating awareness among masses that theatre also needs their financial patronage.
“We expected very thin attendance due to donor passes, but fortunately audience in Jammu has shown great maturity by watching the play in huge number, which is a positive sign for the promotion of theatre in Jammu,” said Rohit Bhat, Director Vomedh.
“It was a risk but we took it as someone has to bell the cat and Vomedh is always in the fore-front in such endeavours. I am sure that it would surely begin a new trend in Jammu theatre circle,” said actor King C Bharti.
The play Khoya Bachpan is a reflection of mindset of Kashmiri Muslim children caught in cobweb of radicalization, stone-pelting and positive approach of Kashmiri Pandit children living in forced exile. Based on a true story, ‘Khoya Bachpan’ is an introspective and reflective story of how parents think it is their prerogative to push innocent kids into disputes and conflicts. They dump all their unfulfilled wishes into their innocent impressionable minds. The first and most affected victims of any conflict are children. Whether the conflict is inside the home or outside, it is the children who have to pay the price.
Raj Kumar Nehru, Vice Chancellor, Skill University Haryana, was the Chief Guest on the occasion, while Kiran Wattal, M K Yogi and Ramesh Hangloo (CEO Radio Shardha), T K Ganjoo (Sanskriti Bhawan) and Rockey Pandita were the Guests of Honour. Anita Chandpuri and Sandhya were the Special Guests.
Prominent actors who acted in the play included King C Bharti as Muzaffar, Ishu Bharti Pandit as Altaaf, Vinay Pandita as Surinder, Rahul Pandita as Ravi, Rajni Bhatti as Shehjar, Kosar Chandpuri as Zuv, Himagni Moza as Asma, Isha Bharti as Aahee, Meenakshi Bhan as Sheen, Saksham Bhat as Kalhan and Dazy Bazaz as Mother. Music was rendered by Surinder Manhas while lyrics (Hum Bachey Hain, Khoya Bachpan) were written by Rakesh Roshan Bhat. Others who worked for successful presentation of the play included Pankaj (Lights), Lokesh (Sound), Bharti Koul (Hall Management), Pankaj Handoo (Publicity), Kamal Ganjoo (Stills), Sunny Mujoo (Make-up) Virji Sumbli (Set), Daizy Bazaz, Shivam Koul, Rinku Zutshi, Omar Qureshi, Ramesh Pandita and Anil Langeh (Back-Stage).