Seminar on ‘Co-creating sustainable local economy in Ladakh’ organised

LEH, JUN 9: A seminar on ‘Co-creating sustainable local economy in Ladakh’ was organised under Ladakh Wisdom Forum 2018 at Alchi Kitchen, Leh today.
The seminar was organised by Julay Ladakh and SEBoL.
Participants including students from Leh Lamdon School, Deemed University (Central Institute of Buddhist Studies) and After School Phyang and SECMOL students from Phey attended the seminar.
Julay Ladakh and SEBoL also invited scholars and experts including Dr Deen from LEHO, three guest speakers from Japan and people who started new business in Leh with local products like apricot, handicrafts and traditional food. Five speakers expressed their views on different topics related to local economy.
Speaking on the occasion, Skarma Gurmet of Julay Ladakh talked about introduction of Ladakh Wisdom Forum which was started 6 years back with the support from ‘000 Groups of NPOs’ in Japan and in collaboration with Julay Ladakh and SEBoL. Local economy means business based on local resources and products are possibly consumed by Ladakhis in an organic manner.
Saki Fujioka from Japan talked about Global and local economy as per Japanese perspectives. Speaking about Nuclear energy, she said atoms split to release energy. Nuclear reactions release nuclear energy to generate heat, which is most frequently used in stream turbines to produce electricity, she added. Skarma Namtak, who owns organic shop in Leh, talked about plastic packing of local products. Without plastic packaging of local products it is very difficult to sell in the market because of dust, he said.
Dr Deen spoke about health benefits of organic local products and health issues of non-organic products. Vehicles emit smoke which result into air pollution, he said, adding, “Ladakh is a region where we totally depend on Glacier. There is water shortage but still we hope that one day Ladakh will get more greenery with the help of new technologies and research.” He also mentioned that LEHO is linked up with four different schools to educate about the agriculture and organic products.
Noguchi Medori from Japan talked about Ladakh`s unique traditional dresses, dishes, culture, dances etc. Panel discussion and group discussion was also held wherein different views were expressed by the participants on co-creating sustainable local economy in Ladakh.