As the world celebrates Jumat-ul-Vida today followed by Shab-i-Qadar a couple of days later, both being holy festivals marking the end of Ramzan month, it is high time to reiterate the commitment and dedication to pursue the youth to follow the real path shown in the teachings of Islam in true letter and spirit, especially in view of certain elements in the society across the globe having deviated towards barbaric activities in the name of Islam and trying to spread the tentacles of terrorism in every nook and corner of the world. According to the Islamic culture and traditions every Friday of the week becomes a special day and source of blessings and salvation. Jumat-ul-Vida is also known as the Jammat-ul-Vida which indicates good wishes of the holy Quran. Similarly the Shab-i-Qadar night is considered most auspicious for prayers by Islam and its followers remain involved in reciting the holy book Quran, special prayers and doing lots of social works in order to invoke the blessings of Almighty. Charity work like feeding the poor and helpless people is carried out by the Muslims across the world especially those who can afford it, the aim being to invoke the blessings and get reward from God. Special mass prayers are held on Jumat-ul-Vida and Shab-i-Qadar night in all the mosques by performing prayers for the peace, success and harmony in the world. While the days are very sacred for the Muslims, in India with a composite culture every such occasion is an opportunity for all the people to participate in the festivities of every other community irrespective of their caste, creed, colour or religion and the state of J&K being no exception, has always been at the forefront in upholding the tenets of brotherhood, peace and amity to the nation at large. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had stated that Friday is the most special and blessed day than other days and if anyone spends this day in worshipping and reciting the holy Quran he or she would always be protected throughout the entire week by Allah. Muslim people believe that on this day an angel of God enters the Mosque and listens to the Imam (Friday Prayers). People get rewarded if they go to the Mosque for prayer in the early morning. Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) had also stated that Allah would forgive all the sins if one performs the Friday Namaaz regularly. Similarly Shab-i-Qadar also known as Laylat al Qadr is the Night of Power or the Night of Destiny. It commemorates the night when Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad. These words are ample enough to realize the essence of Islam that preaches peace and brotherhood besides devoting oneself to Allah or God. Unfortunately the hate mongers in today’s society are interpreting this great religion to satiate their vested interests thus misleading the gullible people. Unfortunately Fridays meant for special prayers have been reduced into stone pelting days by the separatists and their mentors in the Valley. As the Muslims around the world on Jumat-ul-Vida day and Shab-i-Qadar night will pray for forgiveness and peace for the whole world, let’s wholeheartedly gear up to participate in the Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. While appreciating the value of rational thoughts and denouncing religious obscurantism and mindless terrorism, let us spread the Islamic teachings and values in the real perspective. Islam as known since its birth teaches that rational thinking is neither anti humanity nor against any religion and at the same time none of the religions in this world is against any community, sect or human values. It is hoped that good sense will prevail upon the derailed elements and hate mongers so that peace and harmony prevails again in J&K especially the valley which has experienced the trauma of terrorism and natural disasters during the past few decades.