Indian entrepreneurs who have made name and fame not only at the national level but also at the global level began their successful journey from zero and made their relentless struggle in their respective fields successful stories which continue to inspire people especially the youth across the nation and world today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government deserves full appreciation for taking several steps to promote young entrepreneurs in the country among which Startup is an outstanding scheme capable of attracting the youth besides having the potential of transforming the economic scenario of the nation. In fact Startups are the growth engines and it was in this regard that the PM today said that big companies were Startups at some point of time while urging the people of India to keep innovating. The initiatives of the incumbent government led by PM Modi namely ‘Make in India’ and ‘Design in India’ too are quite significant for the Startups provided that entrepreneurs make intelligent use of the combination. The remarkable feature of the Startups is that like other schemes it is no longer confined to big cities but has made ingress into major small towns and villages which have now started emerging as vibrant startup centres. It would not be wrong to say that the government intends to promote the Startups even at the grass roots level thus providing boost to the cottage industries as envisaged by the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. While the PM today stated that start-ups earlier meant only digital and technology innovation but now things are changing and start-ups are covering various other fields, including agriculture, it is time for the youth to take cue from the PM’s statement and select various other fields suitable as per the local geographical factors. Here in the state of Jammu and Kashmir there are multiple options available to the aspiring entrepreneurs who can play a vital role in transforming the state’s scenario. With tourism being the major attraction for young entrepreneurs, other fields namely Horticulture, Sericulture, Pisciculture, Apiculture, Water sports enterprises, handicrafts, etc. too have a great potential but the only thing required is that youth of the state need to have the courage to take up these ventures. It is pertinent to mention here that the state of J&K imports massive livestock from other states to fulfill its poultry and mutton consumption requirements which means that livestock rearing can also be taken up as a very promising business venture in the state by the youth. While being successful entrepreneurs such youth will be the major job providers in the areas of their operation. Though the PM has invited more youngsters to ideate on how to transform our agriculture sector, it is expected that youth especially in the crown state of India come forward with full courage and confidence besides adequate capital available under the scheme to establish the new ventures by adopting the Startups as search engines. With the government determined to provide incentives such as tax holidays, inspector raj-free regime and capital gains tax exemption, etc. to the budding entrepreneurs besides being ready to purchase their products for which it has eased public procurement norms for them, it is hoped that youth of this state take up the challenge to ensure that J&K soon distinguishes itself in the national startup ecosystem.