Ensuring technology to be a boon

Dear Editor,
Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I would like to bring forth the issue of use and misuse of technology in today’s fast moving world taking huge technological strides with each passing day bringing a great change in the life styles of people of all ages especially the children and youth. However in this world of ultra modern technology it needs to be realized that it is only when technology and human mind matches properly as well as positively to work together then it makes highly successful blast to benefit the people at large. But if used negligently or negatively it cuts off the effect of each other and instead of being a boon turns into bane. The boon and bane debate is perfectly applicable to the students of this age for whom the mobile phones have become inseparable part of life. Now a days, everybody has his/her smart phone in hands which is useful in certain ways with everything having been globalized in fingertips. Works are just done on Email, Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype etc. Now through screen shoots and advanced camera options any type of information can be kept in the selected memory of cell phone and it has become very easy to study using mobiles. In major developed nations of the world notebooks stand already replaced by Tablets and PCs in order to encourage the students to utilize more of their efficiencies. In India we are observing the introduction of this technology in many schools and other educational institutions and there is a dire need to ensure that teenagers do not get lured towards activities unbecoming of their age due to availability of a lot of obnoxious content like pornography through internet and in this regard I appeal to the parents and teachers to play their roles efficiently so that technology turns out to be boon for every individual in the society.

Virender Gupta,
Nanaknagar, Jammu.