Declining outdoor games…?

Dear Editor,
It is quite unfortunate to find that youth’s attraction towards outdoor games is on the decline nowadays which is really a matter of serious concern for the society at large. Despite Government’s claims to provide better sports facility to youth, the ground situation has not changed as lack of facilities results in failure to attract youth towards Sports activity in desired numbers. The playgrounds lack proper infrastructure, sportsmen are not encouraged in matter of sports under any government scheme. Moreover, Parents are apprehensive of letting their children play because of huge studies load. They think that their children’s study may be affected due to play. It should be the foremost duty of sports ministry to make the people aware of importance of sports. Sports authorities should launch different schemes to attract youth towards sports. Sports can be an alternative to academic studies. Many private bodies have started establishing sports institutions in the country, but they charge highly and common man cannot afford the fees of these institutions. Government authorities should have control over them. Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper, I appeal to the concerned Minister to take up this issue seriously in order to improve the condition of Sports in the state.
Danish Gupta,
Sarwal, Jammu