Sugar import from Pakistan miniscule as compared to total production

New Delhi, May 17: The central government on Wednesday clarified that India had imported just 1,908 metric tonnes (MT) of sugar worth $0.657 million from Pakistan in FY 2018-19. “Import from Pakistan has been very miniscule as compared to total production in the country and exports from India,” government said.
The clarification came after some reports indicated that large quantities of sugar had been imported from Pakistan.
“It has been observed that there have been some misinformed news reports appearing in the media about import of sugar from Pakistan. It is clarified that in FY 2018-19 (Till 14.5.2018), import of sugar from Pakistan has been just 1908 MT for a value of USD 0.657 million. In 2017-18, there was an import of 13,110 MT for a value of USD 4.68 million,” the government has said in a release.
The centre clarified that that total annual sugar production of India is about 31.90 million MT in Sugar season 2017-18. India exported 1.75 million MT in 2017-18. During April-May 2018, the total export of sugar has been 240,093 MT. (Agencies)