China’s strategic intentions in Indo-Pacific destabilising: Pentagon

Washington, May 16: The Trump administration has said that China’s strategic intentions and trajectory in the Indo-Pacific are destabilising and counterproductive, reiterating its pledge to maintain the region free and open. Randall Schriver, Assistant Secretary of Defence, Asian and Pacific Security Affairs, during a Congressional hearing told lawmakers that the US will continue to pursue a constructive, result-oriented relationship with China, but it will not accept policies or actions that threaten to undermine the international rules-based order. “Our approach to the region and our strategy to maintain a free and open Indo-Pacific region accounts for our relationship with China. “China should and does have a voice in shaping the international system, as do all countries. However, in recent years, we have grown concerned by China’s strategic intentions and trajectory, including some activities in the region that we view as destabilising and counterproductive in the South China Sea, for example,” he said yesterday. (Agencies)