The people of Jammu have been witnessing blatant discrimination against them and their region by the successive governments all along since 1947 till date. While the people of Jammu region have been vociferously raising this issue time and again demanding an end to this blatant discrimination it is surprising that there has been no progress in this regard till date. In fact the degree of discrimination against this region has reached an alarming situation today as is evident from the consistent allegations of ignoring the aspirants in admissions to professional colleges in Jammu region as also quite few aspirants from Jammu region being in the selection lists issued by the PSC and various other recruiting agencies in the state. While the Lakes Conservation Week is being presently observed in the state and will continue till May17, it has been noticed that the programmes in this regard are being organized by J&K Lakes and Waterways Development Authority (LAWDA) focussing their attention on just Dal and Nigeen lakes. It is pertinent to mention here that the J&K Lakes and Waterways Development Authority has been created by the Government of J&K as an autonomous body under development Act, 1970 AD vide Government order No.117 of HUD dated 11.04.1997 to serve a one point agency to look after, Manage and Conserve the water bodies and waterways of the state of J&K. However one fails to understand as to why LAWDA functioning has remained confined to only the Nigeen and Dal lakes in Kashmir. It is a fact that these World famous Lakes in the city of Srinagar deserve focussed attention but that does not mean that lakes in other parts of the state especially in the Jammu region will be ignored. It is an open secret that despite spending billions and trillions of rupees on Dal and Nigeen conservation there has not been any commendable improvement on ground, It is really an irony that the elected representatives from Jammu who are in equal participation with the PDP in governance of the state have miserably failed to take due care of the aspirations of the people who voted them to power with great hope of ending the decades old discrimination. It is worth mentioning here that LAWDA provides multiple services including concerted efforts and endeavours to conserve and manage the lakes in terms of recreation, economic and environmental aspects. It also provides timely interventions aiming at addressing the point and non-point source pollution and other problem areas in the direction of giving new lease of life to the lakes besides Citizens Pressure Groups coming forward to help in preventing encroachments and asking people to conforming to normal civic behaviour. Jammu province too is abode to Mansar, Surinsar and Gatha lakes and these lakes too deserve special attention viz-a-viz conservation a protection for posterity. These have great potential for boosting tourism sector in the respective areas. It is hoped that those in governance especially the BJP representatives elected by the people of Jammu take due note of this unending saga of discrimination and finally make a beginning by exploring the possibility of extending LAWDA operation to the lakes in Jammu region too especially to Mansar and Surinsar lakes. After all how long will the people of Jammu be treated as children of a lesser God…?