The hundred percent exemption of court fee on properties purchased in the name of females as per the recent cabinet decision is undoubtedly a significant measure in the direction towards women empowerment in this crown state of the nation. The Chief Minister alongwith her Cabinet deserves full appreciation for this landmark initiative. With a woman Chief Minister having the reins of this state in her hands, there has been a lot of expectation among the people especially the women folk that the lady CM shall take extraordinary care of empowering women in J&K and of course she has taken due care of the aspirations of the weaker sex in this state that has been at the receiving end for the past about three decades on account of militancy and insurgency from across the border. She has been repeatedly reiterating that women empowerment is her topmost priority as the female folk are important stakeholders in making Jammu and Kashmir a peaceful and progressive State. In this regard Mehbooba Mufti had already made her intentions clear by promoting various schemes and projects to make women self dependent besides having a greater say in the society. Launching ‘Empowering the Girl Child’ scheme and providing scooties to girl students deserves a special mention as this has reduced the dependence of girl students on other members of family so far as mobility of such students especially for studying is concerned. It needs to be recalled that she took a significant step to boost women entrepreneurship in the State by ordering the conversion of Jammu Haat into an exclusive Women Business Centre. She has also been assuring all help to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises sector in the state besides linking big investments with creation of job opportunities for trained human resource and unambiguously conveying that special focus should be on the entrepreneurial opportunities for women. This clearly shows her concern for women who she rightly feels can’t be ignored any more. It is a reality that no society can progress unless the women are taken proper care of ensuring their full empowerment because it is the hands that cradle the baby that lead to a civilized citizenry for future especially in India where the commitment of woman towards the family is of the highest degree as compared to any other part of the globe. It is expected that the J&K Chief Minister’s initiatives will definitely prove to be boon for women in different fields including entrepreneurs who will definitely achieve higher levels of growth besides encouraging more women to follow the suit. While the CM has been doing a commendable job by focussing on women empowerment it is hoped that women having huge stakes in peace being the first casualty of any trauma or violence will definitely rise to the occasion and play their individual as well as collective role in bringing the state especially the valley back to normalcy keeping in mind that empowering a girl or a woman, you are empowering the entire nation. Undoubtedly today women are the most vital stakeholders of peace in the society and need to come forward to sincerely play their role in this direction.