Yet again it was a black day today with the terror monster striking in Indonesia’s second largest city where suicide bombers on motorcycles targeted mass congregations in three churches, killing at least 11 people and wounding dozens in one of the worst attacks on the Christian minority. The churches where attacks took place include Santa Maria Roman Catholic Church in Surabaya, Christian Church of Diponegoro and the third at the city’s Pantekosta Church. It is pertinent to mention here that today’s bombings are the worst since a series of attacks on churches on Christmas Eve in 2000 which killed 15 people and wounded nearly 100. While it is a reality that terrorists have no religion at the same time it is an alarming signal not only for Indonesia but for the whole world as almost all the terror organizations operating globally today openly claim that they are involved in Jehad as enshrined and mandated by their religion. It is really an irony that at least five suicide bombers who carried out attacks included a veiled woman who had two children with her. With Jemaah Anshorut Daulah, the network of about two dozen extremist groups involved in a number of attacks in Indonesia over the past year and owing its allegiance to Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi besides the Islamic State group claiming responsibility for the attacks, the world leaders need to take today’s attacks as a serious warning about the existence of the terror groups that are most of the times claimed to be neutralized especially by the western nations. It needs to be realized that there are a number of nations which are covertly supporting rather sponsoring these terror mercenaries and their organizations besides some of the nations especially Pakistan overtly financing and promoting these terror organizations. This is evidenced by Ex Pak PM’s startling disclosure the other day regarding Pakistan’s involvement in carrying out terror attacks in the Indian economic capital Mumbai. The nations promoting these organizations are ensuring that the terrorists get the best weaponry available today so much so that they even eye the nuclear war heads to cause massive deaths and destruction. There are reports that substantiate Pakistan and some other nations having become home to a slew of extremist groups, some of which are backed by a paranoid security establishments. In this regard Pakistan keeps on adding to the dangers for South Asia and indeed the entire world. While India today is the most experienced nation of the world so far as curbing terrorism is considered and has full capability of failing their nefarious designs in India , today’s suicide attacks in Indonesian Churches is a wake-up call for the entire world community to initiate joint efforts towards reining in the terror establishments alongwith some disgruntled state actors failing which there is every probability of terrorism taking a heavy toll as a result of which the people across the globe shall have to bear the worst consequences.