Harsh clashes with Lone, questions his presence

JAMMU: Hitting hard at NC MLA Akbar Lone during the All Party Meeting (APM) at Srinagar for his involvement in raising Pro-Pak slogans in the last Assembly session, Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister questioned the presence of the delinquent legislator in the APM and sought the reasons for the non initiation of action against him for his seditious utterances inside the Assembly.
“Why was not Akbar Lone disqualified as MLA? How can we sit with a man endorsing Pro-Pak agenda and having a anti-national psyche?”, roared Harsh. While questioning the credibility of the tainted and aberrant legislator besides his inauspicious presence in the APM, Harsh Dev Singh held people like Akbar Lone responsible for the turmoil and mayhem in the valley. He said that the anti- India rants spewed by such legislators were emboldening and encouraging the subversives and the separatists in the valley. “He should be boycotted. He should be shown the doors”, Harsh yelled amid the commotion in the meeting.
Stunned by the blitzkrieg launched by the Panthers leader, Akbar Lone who was supported by other Kashmiri leaders from CPI (M) and DPN said to Harsh “Who are you? You have to pay the price for this!”. Harsh promptly shot back “I am Indian. I am a nationalist! Patriotism runs in my blood. I owe an allegiance to my country. I don’t care about you and your militant friends. If you have guts, dare to raise the Pro-Pak slogans in front of us and then see how we rein in your tongue by shutting your mouth.” Sensing trouble during the clash, Deputy CM Kavinder Gupta who was trying to leave the meeting venue was stopped by Harsh Dev. He roared at Gupta saying “You are equally responsible and answerable for the Akbar Lone’s utterances raised on the pious floor of the house. You miserably failed as a speaker and exhibited your impuissance in taking action against the delinquent MLA as warranted by law. The Pro-Pak slogans were raised for the first time in the history of J&K and you did nothing but expunged his rants from the records of the Assembly proving that you were of no worth.”
Singh also cornered Sat Sharma who said “We are supposed to talk about Kashmir here in the meeting. We should not give hype to Jammu centric issues in the APM”. Pouncing at Sharma, Singh said “BJP has lost its ground in Jammu and it can swallow anything for power. You have become shameless. You need to go”. I will discuss Jammu here. Without Jammu, Kashmir stands nowhere.”
Balwant Singh Mankotia said that BJP has ditched Dogras. He warned the State government to action against Akbar Lone for his seditious remarks. He said that the situation has also deteriorated in Jammu and cautioned BJP to break the alliance with its partner PDP to save the State from further death and destruction.
Harsh Dev Singh who was leading the JKNPP delegation in the all party meet alongwith State President Balwant Singh Mankotia reiterated his party’s demand for CBI probe in Rassana rape and murder case to nail the real culprits.