Be soft to elders

Dear Editor,
Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I would like to draw the kind attention of the readers to people’s life span getting shortened nowadays with our elders unable to sustain for longer age. Though the average age is now around 65 but when we compare it to our grandparents they mostly enjoyed a healthy life span above 80 years with a good number of them crossing even 100. Of course during our grandparents era they had fresh fruits, pure air and unadulterated diet. But apart from this the most important factor which catalyzed their longevity was the respect and honour shown by the youngsters to them. During that era people devoted a major chunk of time for their parents, grandparents and family. That’s why during those days very few people used to suffer from heart attacks or diabetes primarily because they didn’t had any mental pressure. Nowadays we are so busy with the technologies that we don’t even communicate properly with our elders and the compulsion of our life styles has made us unable to give quality time to our parents. There are instances of people at times becoming even rude to the elders. I therefore appeal to one and all to conduct self introspection and adopt a life style that prioritizes devoting proper and quality time to elders especially the parents and grandparents.

Nighat Tak,
Bemina, Srinagar.