BJP blaming Congress to hide its wrongdoings: J&K Congress

GJ Report
Jammu, May 2: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee on Wednesday said that BJP is blaming Congress of situation in the state to hide its wrongdoings.
“PDP-BJP coalition government has failed to avail an opportunity given by the people to address their issues and concerns,” JKPCC Chief Ghulam Ahmad Mir told reporters here on Wednesday evening.
He said that BJP is blaming Congress of prevailing situation in the state but now they are in the government and they have to deliver now.
“If we were wrong on some matters, we have faced the results in 2014 but now it is PDP-BJP, who has to deliver than blaming us,” he said adding that they are doing it only to hide their wrongdoings.
Asked about the Congress’ stand on amnesty given to first time stone-pelters, he said any proposal coming from the state government needs a nod from the home ministry.
“Congress never took such a shortcut. We follow the law of the land, the constitution and will not endorse anything which is wrong. A wrong is a wrong,” he said.
Mir said the Congress is ready for mid-term elections as “we believe in democratic exercise and are not the one who tries to escape from it”.
“We supported elections, whether for bypolls to fill vacant Assembly or Lok Sabha seats, panchayats and local urban bodies. We believe in democracy,” he said.
Mir alleged that the PDP-BJP coalition has wasted the previous three years.
“They are cutting ribbons of the projects which were started by the previous UPA government like national highway, construction of tunnels and hospitals and had not come out with a single project till date. They have only made promises and shown dreams to the public,” he said.
Asked about the recent reshuffle in the state cabinet, Mir said, “It was not a routine exercise, no matter how much they put a veil on it. Haseeb drabu (former Finance minister) and two BJP ministers (Lal Singh and Chandra Prakash Ganga) were shown the door otherwise there was no possibility of induction of new faces.”
On the return of Kashmiri migrant pundits to the Valley, he said nobody is averse to it.
“Even the people in Kashmir have always welcomed their return saying they are part and parcel of the Kashmiri society,” he said.
“Congress is emerging a strong alternative in all three regions of the state especially when the present coalition has utterly failed and stand exposed on all fronts,” he added.
Taking a dig at the coalition, he said that both the partners are fully committed to power but have failed to feel the pulse of people who are totally fed up with their opportunist politics.
“They(PDP-BJP) try to throw dust into the eyes of their respective electorate by diversionary tactics but people of this state are politically awakened and mature enough to see through their real game plan, which is to remain glue to power, despite contradictions and bickering on all sensitive issues arising in the state,” said Mr Mir.
He said that this government has created mistrust and uncertainty all around and its continuance itself is full of uncertainty, although on every alternate day they reiterate the stability of their coalition despite opposed to each other on all issues.
“They cannot divert attention of the people from their total failure by resorting to reshuffles and changing faces,” he said adding that the reshuffle was the result of certain situations and not a routine affairs, as claimed by the BJP and the people are aware of the compelling circumstances.
Reacting to the bickering within BJP over reshuffle, especially assertions by some legislators that BJP is anti-Dalit he said this only vindicates our stand and it’s like mirror showing to the party leadership.
The JKPCC Chief also expressed concern over the incident of stone pelting on the students in the Valley and said, “this is highly condemnable and poses serious questions about the state of affairs of the deteriorated security situation in the Valley under the present regime at the Centre and State and calls for more serious efforts to arrest the situation”.
The JKPCC Chief announced that the organizational structure from booth level delegates, Block President, District Delegates, PCC delegates from each block and AICC delegates has been approved and announced by the central election authority, after the process of elections at various levels under the returning officers appointed by party.
More than 10 lakhs new members have enrolled in the state, over 40 thousands active workers and Booth level delegates have been elected.
He thanked the party high command for creation of new organizational blocks as per the CD Blocks in the state besides increasing quota for PCC and AICC from the state.
He said that soon DCC President shall also be announced by the party shortly.
He said that adequate representation has been given to the weaker sections, women and youth as per direction of AICC President Rahul Gandhi at all levels in the organizational setup.
He said a strong organization at all levels would counter the falsehood of the state and centre government and carry forward the policies and programmes of the party.