Third reshuffle shows inability of Govt to deliver: Kapil Singh

JAMMU, MAY 1: Senior Congress leader Kapil Singh and Media Coordinator PCC (Pradesh Congress Committee) today said that third reshuffle in 3 years speaks of coalition Government’s inability to perform and give people a stable Government. This instability is neither allowing Ministers to perform nor the development is taking place in an organized manner, he added.
In a statement issued here, Kapil Singh said that in 2014, former Chief Minister constituted his Cabinet and after his death, the State was forced upon with Governor’s rule. Thereafter, incumbent Chief Minister again reshuffled the cabinet and now its 3rd time that coalition is playing musical chairs without caring for development. The biggest achievement of coalition in these years, he said, is raising salaries, pensions and perks of legislators without caring for prestigious projects initiated by previous Government.
Kapil Singh said that unemployed are disillusioned while those in service are being harassed by transfer industry. Daily-wagers, working in various Departments and corporations are carving for regularization. The worst is that those decisions which were approved by the Board of Directors of various corporations during previous Government, have not been implemented till date.
Criticizing Deputy Chief Minister, Kavinder Gupta for his remarks on Rassana incident, wherein he termed the act as ‘minor’, Kapil Singh said that it speaks of monstrous and insensitive mentality of BJP leader of this stature. When collective conscious of the country was shaken at the incident, for Dy CM it was a minor incidence. This is shameful and highly condemnable, Kapil Singh added. He further stated that none other than Congress can provide people a stable Government and ensure equitable development of all the three regions.