DLSA awards Rs 2 lakh compensation to victim’s family

JAMMU: Chairman District Legal Service Authority Kathua Sanjeev Gupta on Monday awarded R 2 lakhs compensation to victims’ family in much publicized rape and murder case of an eight year old girl.
The compensation was provided under sub-section (2) of Section 545-A of CrPC under the provisions of Jammu and Kashmir Victim Compensation Scheme, 2013.
While awarding compensation Mr Gupta observed that compensation to the tune of s 2 lakh is awarded in favour of the legal heirs of the victim under the Jammu and Kashmir Victim Compensation Scheme, 2013, subject to the condition that the father of the victim shall file an undertaking before the disbursement of the compensation amount that if the trial court, while passing final judgment in the challan, orders the accused persons to pay any amount by way of compensation under sub-section (3) of Section 545 of CrPC, he shall remit an amount ordered equal to the amount of compensation, or the amount ordered to be paid under said sub-section (3), whichever is less.