Stray animals menace

Dear Editor,
I am writing this letter to draw the attention of concerned authorities towards the nuisance caused by the stray animals on the city roads across the State especially in Jammu. The city roads in the capital city besides the highways including the Bye-Pass roads have become rather sanctuaries for the stray animals like dogs, cows, buffaloes and even horses. The busy roads of Jammu have become a virtual grazing ground for stray animals, especially the cows during day time and horses and dogs during night. There have been repeated cases of dog bites during past time. Repeated requests to the local authorities to save the people from this nuisance have so far fallen on deaf ears. These animals often block traffic, and quite often hit the people and cause panic especially when they start fighting with each other. Besides this, these animals make a mess of hygiene by dirtying the roads by dung and urine. The authorities time and again make tall claims of initiating many drives to catch these animals, but the situation on ground reality is totally different. A visit to lanes of old city areas, particularly Jullaka Mohalla, Peer Mitha, Mast-garh, Purani Mandi, Kachi Chawni, Panjthirthi etc can present the real picture. A number of stray dogs moving from one lane to another can be seen any time, which became much dangerous during night hours. Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I appeal to the concerned authorities to awaken now and be kind enough to help in addressing the serious problem of stray animals especially dogs across Jammu.
Rajesh Gupta,
Channi Himmat, Jammu.