Citizens respond to common threats to Jammu, Ladakh, KPs

JAMMU, APR 15: The existing policy framework followed by the Central Govt is a recipe to give away the state of J&K to fascists and separatists rather the Jihadi forces working 24X7 against the nation. This has been asserted in a joint declaration that was adopted by the Enlightened Citizens on Behalf of Hindus of Jammu, Buddhists of Ladakh and Hindus of Kashmir here today. The said declaration was adopted during a round table conference organized to deliberate upon the common threat concerning the people of Jammu and Ladakh besides the Kashmiri Pandits.
The declaration issued after the conference states that the happenings in Kashmir leave no one in doubt that a Muslim fascist separatist movement continues to rule the roost there and this movement is seeking to take the entire state into its grip. Conversion of Kashmir into a Muslim religious monolith is almost complete and a war like campaign is on to convert Hindu majority Jammu and Buddhist majority Ladakh provinces into Muslim controlled and dominated domains. An all out campaign to change the demography of Jammu and Ladakh is on.
Jammu and Kashmir has been transformed into a Muslim State on the territory of secular India. Muslim precedence and hegemony rules the roost in all spheres of government and the administration in the state. The state is fast becoming an Islamist state.
It has been alleged in the declaration that denial of the genocide of Hindus of Kashmir by the political class of India has emboldened the perpetrators to create conditions in Jammu and Ladakh to replicate their genocidal campaigns. Initial attempts to extend the religious cleansing operations into Jammu and Ladakh failed due to the resilience and resistance of Buddhists and Hindus. Muslim demographic invasion on Jammu and Ladakh abetted by the governments in the state and the centre, wittingly or unwittingly, is now seeking to achieve what could not be achieved by an Islamist terrorist campaign.
What baffles patriotic citizens of J&K is the spirit of accommodation of the Indian State towards the separatist objectives. Policy of the Government of India seems to have transformed into an internal support structure for Muslim separatism. This separatism is sustained as much through the incentives given by the governments in the State and the centre, as by the support coming from across the border. Subversive proposals like the Dixon formula, Kathwari Plan, Greater Autonomy, Self Rule, Musharraf Plan etc, being similar in content and principle, are being nourished from inside.
The declaration further says, “Events happening in Kashmir have clearly brought to the fore both the ideological content as well as the operational character of an intense destabilization. We have been witnessing mobilization of public and harnessing of terrorist violence in Kashmir for quite some time in such a way that should leave no body in doubt that what we are face to face with is not occasional incidents of terrorism but a war which is called Jihad by its proponents. In fact calling this sustained terrorist violence and religious fascist mobilization in Kashmir as mere terrorism will be the travesty of truth. We are face to face with a total war in which the distinction between the terrorists and the civilians has dissolved. Through intense and relentless religious fascist indoctrination the Society in Kashmir has become paramilitary in behavior.”
The nation needs to recognize the processes of destabilization in Jammu and Kashmir as a Jihadi war and not merely as terrorism, the declaration emphasized.
It was resolved that more than six million Hindus and Buddhists living in the State of J&K can no longer afford to live in a communal fascist order. They reject the existing state of affairs. They reject the policies of Government of India of running the state through separatist and Muslim communalist arrangements. They recognize that the existing structure and policy-framework of the Government of India in Jammu and Kashmir is a sure recipe for giving away the State, rather than integrating it with the mainstream India.
The declaration states, “We declare that we have not given any mandate to Government of India to decide our fate. We also declare that subjecting Hindus, Buddhists and other minorities to the servitude of a Muslim order is the ultimate anti-national act. It is an assault on the freedom. It is an abetment with a regressive, exclusivist and totalitarian movement. To ensure the liberation of Hindus, Buddhists and other minorities from the servitude of a Muslim State in Jammu and Kashmir it has become an imperative necessity to reorganize the state, create a separate State of Jammu, Union territory of Leh-Ladakh and divide Kashmir by creating a Union Territory of Panun Kashmir North and East of River Jhelum for the return and rehabilitation of Hindus of Kashmir.
Among the prominent citizens who participated in the Round table conference include Prof, Hari Om, Tsewang Thinley President LB A. Dr. Agnishekhar. Pushvinder Manhas, Ankur Sharma, P T . Kunzang Vice President LBA, Dr. Ajay Chrungoo, Naresh Manhas, Shailendra Aima, Tsering Angchok Jt. Secretary LBA, Ven Shatup Chamba President LGA, Ven Lobzang Thardot Vice President LGA, Ashwini Sharma, Ajat Jamwal, Daya Krishan Kaul, PN Raina and many more.