Will sit with villagers seeking CBI probe: Lal Singh

JAMMU: Post submitting resignation, BJP minister Choudhary Lal Singh on Saturday said that he will support and sit with the protesting villagers seeking CBI probe in Kathua rape and murder case.
“They are my people and I am firm on my words that the case should be transferred to the CBI, what’s wrong in it,” Singh here told reporters.
He however, alleged that the Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti was adamant on not transferring the case to the CBI on the directions of the separatists only for the vote bank.
The MLA Basholi however, also slammed the Kashmir centric media for launching ‘mis-campaign’ on Kathua case and added, “I resigned because the “negative campaign” tarnished the image of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the party and I would never had allowed it to happen.”
The MLA said the he will openly sit with the people protesting in demand of transferring of case to the CBI, adding, “what is wrong in it? If other cases could be transferred to the CBI, then why not this one? I will fight with them and for them as they are my people.”
Singh however, slammed Mufti asserting that she as the Chie Minister and In-charge Home should morally quit first from the chair.
“As a Home Minister, Mufti has failed if the missing 8-year-old girl could not be traced for a week,” he added and said that the BJP state president Sat Sharma, who sent both the ministers to the spot to pacify the protestors should also resign for making them scapegoat.