It has been for the first time during almost seven decades that the people of Jammu voluntarily supported the Bandh Call given for today making it a complete success. This has happened despite the fact that the government tried its level best to thwart the call by creating fission within the society through some Jai Chands who got badly exposed after the people showed their unprecedented unity to protest for the issues which though pertain to the security and safety of the people of Jammu but have a great impact upon the national safety and security as well. The Jammu Bar Association had announced this Bandh focussing on significant issues i.e. deportation of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis from J&K; a probe by CBI in the Asifa rape and murder case; Withdrawal of order forbidding action against Gujjar Bakerwal encroachers and last but not the least it was against the betrayal of trust of the people of Jammu by the BJP which has virtually bartered the interests of Jammu and its people by succumbing to the PDP just to remain in power. However, it was most unfortunate that those who opposed the call tried to shamelessly defend their stand by not supporting the cause of Jammu, by forwarding malicious allegations against the Jammu Bar Association stating that it was supporting the culprit of Asifa rape and murder case. Though the role of the Jammu Chamber of Commerce and Industry was in fact most unwanted in this regard, yet it would not be wrong to say that today’s Bandh is a big blow to those who played politics with the sentiments of Jammu for their vested interests least realizing that the issues agitated against today during were core to the cause of Jammu and its peace loving people whose aspirations have been always trampled by the successive Kashmir Centric governments and this time despite BJP being an equal partner in governance. An analysis of the developments during the incumbent government presents a very dismal picture of the Coalition partner BJP whom the people of Jammu had voted for with great hope to end the decades’ long discrimination by the successive state governments with Centre too paying little heed to this most nationalistic constituent of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The civil society is quite unanimous on its conclusion that the interests of Jammu have been bartered by those very representatives who were elected not only to safeguard the interests of this province but also restore its pride and dignity in the affairs of the state as well as at the Centre. While the feeling on ground across Jammu was that it was a people’s Bandh in letter and spirit as participation was absolutely voluntary with every Jammuite feeling that the fight against discrimination has reached a crucial stage with even the demographic character of the City of Temples under serious threat and this threat is especially serious due to the state of J&K facilitating the settlement of unwanted elements including the Rohingyas and Bangladeshis. It won’t be wrong to state that the battle lines stand drawn with Jammuites having girdled up their loins to carry the struggle to its logical conclusion. While today’s Bandh has virtually blackened beyond recognition the faces of Government’s Lackeys who tried to sabotage it, at the same time the Bandh has sent a strong message to those at the helm of affairs in governance at the Centre that people of Jammu will not allow their genuine aspirations to be trampled any more. Centre needs to realize that ‘Voice of People is the Voice of God’ and address all the genuine issues raised by the peace loving people of Jammu before it is too late.