With eyes on polls Farooq now bats for ‘Azadi’: J&K BJP

GJ Report
Jammu, Apr 6: The state unit of BJP on Friday slammed National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah for batting for ‘Azadi’ keeping all eyes on polls.
“True to his nature Dr Abdullah has once again changed colours with the onset of summer in Kashmir, as he is reputed for changing colours like the seasons in Kashmir,” BJP State Spokesperson Brig (retd) Anil Gupta in a statement issued here said.
He said lashed out at Dr Abdullah’s for his remarks that ‘people are intoxicated by Azadi. Talk of an independent Kashmir was “wrong” as the Valley is landlocked and surrounded by three nuclear powers – China, Pakistan and India’.
“It appears that Dr Abdullah has taken the advice of Syed Ali Shah Geelani very seriously and forgotten his convictions of the past when he portrayed himself as a true Indian and nationalist leader,” lamented Brig Gupta.
Brig Gupta reminded the NC patron of what he had written in his book “My Dismissal-Farooq Abdullah” published in 1985, “For us accession of J&K to India is complete, final and irrevocable. We will not allow this to be reopened in any case.”
Has Dr Farooq forgotten this or he is again resorting to ‘opportunistic politics’ to plunge the Valley into a fresh turmoil this summer, so that any hope a common Kashmiri had of a peaceful summer, that would enable him to learn a livelihood with dignity, is dashed to the ground? he questioned.
Condemning the statement, Brig Gupta said that it amply proves that as far as NC-Congress combine is concerned, there is no real dividing line between the so-called ‘mainstream’ and so-called ‘secessionist’ politics.
“These two parties in the valley have mastered the art of playing with people’s emotions closer to elections. They did so at the time of Srinagar Parliamentary by-election, which Dr Abdullah won as the alliance candidate,” he asserted.
“Now they have begun to prepare the ground for 2019 elections with open support to stone-pelters and terrorists,” alleged the BJP spokesperson.
Reacting to his accusation against BJP for communalising politics, Brig Gupta reminded him that those who live in glass houses do not throw stones at others.
“First understand the ideology of your own party before blaming us for communalising the situation,” said Brig Gupta.
While BJP believes in inclusive politics without appeasement, NC has been the harbinger of “Exclusive” and divisive politics in J&K, asserted Brig Gupta.
In 1986, he came out with the idea of “Greater Autonomy”, which was dumped by the then NDA government in the dustbin but his son continued to be a member of the same government.
Farooq himself did not consider it appropriate to resign as the Chief Minister despite the humiliation but today he is blaming the present CM for not leaving the government for love of power exclaimed Brig Gupta.