The sanctity of examination process be it the school level examinations, the entrance examinations for admission to professional courses or even those for jobs at the state as well as national level, must not only be maintained at all costs but it is equally important that the trust of public in general and that of the examinees in particular, in the examination process is maintained at every cost. However it is quite unfortunate that fingers have been raised at the conduct of various examinations at the state as well as national level during the past and this has undoubtedly shattered the trust and confidence of the deserving hard working candidates irrespective of the caste, or colour affiliations. In this regard the Vyapam scam has been the most meticulously organized scam that continues to be still fresh in the minds of the people. In this regard it would be pertinent to mention here that the examinations at various levels held in the state of Bihar have been proved to be sham with mass copying ruling the roost there. Even the state of Jammu and Kashmir had once been in news on account of mass copying and paper leaks in different exams. In the latest, fingers were raised on conduct of examinations by the Staff Selection Commission which conducts exams to select candidates for various central government jobs and in view of the allegations being well founded nine examinations had to be cancelled fully or partially during the last five years. Things do not end here only as most recently, it had to recommend a CBI enquiry into allegations pertaining to the conduct of Common Graduate Level (Tier-II) examination 2017. What an irony that such cancellation of exams results in complete waste of efforts and resources of both the aspirants and the government besides of course dimming the image of the Staff Selection Commission in the eyes of general public. It has been in this context that the Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice has rightly stated in its report tabled recently in Parliament that the job aspirants lose their precious time and effort that they have put in preparing for those exams and on the other hand much of time and money of the Commission is lost besides the user Departments having to wait more for getting shortlisted candidates for appointment. It needs to be realized that ultimately this hampers the national progress due to the inadequacy of staff due to held up selections to various posts in different departments. Now that the Parliamentary Committee today recommended that learning from the past experiences, the Staff Selection Commission should spare no efforts in making the process of examination free from all types of malpractices and technical glitches, it is hoped that the advice of the panel will not be taken casually by the Commission as happens most of the times in most of the panel recommendations. It is expected that the Commission brings in the most required transformation in the conduct of examinations entrusted to it and gets rid of the tarnished image that it earned recently. Moreover all the other bodies conducting examinations for various courses and jobs should also start a vigorous campaign to transform the system so that the conduct of every examination becomes absolutely fair and transparent providing no reason for despair to the appearing candidates who have toiled hard burning the midnight oil to crack these examinations.