Be humane to them

Dear Editor,
Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I would like to draw the attention of people as well as the concerned authorities towards the issue of animal rights which are the most easily violated rights not by the common people but mostly by those who have vested interest in animal abuse. Though huge funds are allocated for prevention of animal abuse and fight against cruelty to animals, yet the situation on ground indicates that money meant for the animal care is misused by those at the helm of affairs be it the Municipalities or other such bodies. The height of things is that the concerned authorities do not even maintain proper records as per the rules. This gives every reason to believe that the funds meant for such a great cause are being misappropriated through a strong nexus of some unscruplous officials with the cattle smugglers. I appeal to the authorities concerned to follow the campaign against cruelty to animals in true letter and spirit and impress upon them to ensure that the huge funds provided for it are not wasted. Besides, the people should be humane towards animals.
Sujata Jasrotia,
Sainik Colony, Jammu.