Congress incorporates professionals eyeing 2019 polls: Salman Soz

Jammu, Mar 14: Senior Congress leader and All India Congress Party spokesman Salman Soz on Wednesday said that professional people have been included into the party’s fold eyeing 2019 polls to frame certain policies.
He said that Congress party has created new department named as ‘All India Professionals Congress’ to be headed by the former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor as its Chairman.
“I am the North Zone Regional Coordinator and function of this department is that the professionals who do not take interest in politics, will be engaged by the Congress and we will work with them, get their guidance,” Mr Soz told reporters here on Wednesday evening at the launch of J&K Chapter of ‘All India Professionals Congress’.
Former Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Jammu President Y V Sharma has been appointed as president of the J&K Chapter.
“In 2019 elections, our (Congress) role will be very positive and we need some new policies for the nation and the Congress as well when we will come up with manifesto having new ideas,” he added.
He said that no doubt the Narendra Modi Govt is a ‘failure’ but how the Congress will bring change in the shape of jobs for youth, policies for farmers and the party’s ideas across the country will come up from these professionals.
“We will take guidance from the professionals and open ways for them into the politics so that the taxpaying people must get involved into active politics and by doing so, they will not only help the nation but also strengthen the Congress,” he added.
Mr Soz however, said that the way chapters will be framed in entire country, policy ideas will be generated from this department either its jobs, industries, rural areas, adding, “we need new ideas, techniques and this department will open a way for such professional people”.
“We want good people join hand with us for better future of the country,” he asserted.
He said, “how we have to change our policies and for that we need to work collectively with professional minds,” and added, “I have met many good and professional people in Jammu having wonderful ideologies and thoughts.”
“The people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh can set up an example by their ideologies and innovative thoughts,” he said and added “there are so many forces working in the state to divide people but we have to choose those unite us.”
“The way we plan developmental programmes as common minimum programme, let us have CMPs also for Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh so that we keep people united,” said Soz.