Political nature of issue can’t be undermined: Tarigami

JAMMU: Senior CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohd. Yousuf Tarigami has strongly criticized the statement of Finance Minister Dr. Haseeb Drabu at an event in New Delhi the other day, wherein he has tried to oversimplify the current crises in the state by terming Kashmir problem mainly as a social issue. While as facts reveal that the problem of Jammu and Kashmir has been there since accession of the state to the Indian union. Throughout the chequered history of past decades it has not been just a territorial dispute but a test of the secular, democratic and federal nature of the republic. The continued Indo-Pak confrontations resulting in wars between the two countries, cycles of violence and mass protests have sufficiently demonstrated the political nature of this vexed issue. This unrest graphically illustrates the deep sense of alienation of the people. Since 2014 the gulf between people and Indian state has been further widened. This serious situation calls for an in-depth examination of the entire Kashmir issue and necessary political steps initiated to address this long pending problem. Of course it has created social, economic and cultural implications but essentially its political nature cannot be overlooked.