Non-ISI helmets to be banned in India

New Delhi, Mar 10: ISIHMA (ISI Helmet Association) welcomed the move where the sale of non-ISI helmets for two-wheelers would become an offence by the end of this year. Commenting on this new development, Rajeev Kapur, president, ISI Helmet manufacture association said, “Looking at the current statics over 75 percent to 80 percent of helmets used by two-wheeler riders across India do not meet ISI standards. In our country, riders underestimate its role too and tend to buy cheap headwear, which does not protect them well.” “To produce a single helmet as per the specification, the minimum making cost is Rs 300-400. It is not feasible to manufacture helmets with the prescribed specification in less than Rs 300. And the price variation factor is one major reason why helmet market is flooded with cheap and spurious products,” added Kapur. He further appreciated the Indian government’s move to make it mandatory for all helmet manufacturers to obtain Indian standards certification from Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in order to reduce road fatalities. The estimated demand for helmets is around 90 million units per annum. Agencies