WhatsApp to launch new update

New Delhi, Mar 5: WhatsApp is all set to launch a new feature which will give its 1.3 million users the power to lock their voice recording. The new feature will be available for all WhatsApp beta Android users. To use it, the users will have to tap the “mic” icon in the chat and after 0.5 seconds, the app will show the users a new UI. It will then present a locked microphone button, as per a report by WABeta Info. Once the ‘lock’ option appears, users need to slide up their finger for enabling the lock recording. WhatsApp will soon update their users interface again, giving the users the possibility to navigate in chat without holding the microphone button.
However, according to the WABeta Info report, there are some limitations to the new feature:
– It is not possible for the users to view a photo or video while there are recording a “locked” voice message.
– Users cannot type a new message while they are recording a “locked” voice message. In order to type a new message they will have to first end the locked recording and then type a message.
– While the users are recording a ‘locked’ voice message, they cannot chat with another person. However, as per the WABeta Info report, in some situations, it may be possible but the recorded voice message will be deleted. (Agencies)