Surprise market checking at Bhaderwah

GJ Report
BHADERWAH, FEB 26: A surprise market check was conducted under the directions of Additional Deputy Commissioner Imam Din, here today.
The inspecting team comprising of Naib Tehsildar Bhaderwah Dinesh Chander along with municipal committee employees and police personals inspected Pasri bazaar, Takia chowk market, Seri bazaar and Jai road and seized 20kg of illegal polybags along with collectionof Rs 5300 as penalty/fine from variousviolators.
The inspecting team cleared off encroached area unauthorizedly used by the vendors for exhibition of goods that was causing greater hindrance to vehicular traffic and free public movement.
Besides, Mutton vendors were warned and instructed to maintain hygieneof mutton and usage of refrigerator for storing mutton.
It was also given out that a routine check will be done for regulating prices, quality of wide range of commodities in the local market.