With the US President today blaming India and China for US quitting the Paris Climate deal goes to establish beyond doubt that the Indian PM Narender Modi who was quite instrumental in ensuring the success of Paris Climate Conference, had been quite successful in getting the voice of the developing and the underdeveloped world getting due attention thus fully securing their interests including that of India. According to Trump India and China are unfairly benefiting from the 2015 Paris climate accord. The fears though unfounded were visible when the US president stated that the accord would have imposed draconian financial and economic burdens on the US, which would have made Washington pay for nations which benefitted the most from the deal. It is really astonishing that the so called most developed nation of the world comes up with such explanations ignoring the fact that both under the humanitarian laws as well as the present international commitments the responsibilities towards providing the better living environment or addressing the global issues like the Climate change effect are to be tackled jointly and proportionately as per the economic status of the respective nations. Trump’s explanation seems to be quite absurd when he says, “They were a growing country. I said, ‘What are we? Are we allowed to grow too? They called India a developing nation. They called China a developing nation. But the United States, we are developed – we can pay.” Is it not an Irony that on one hand US boasts of being the only super power in the world today, bur at the same time tries to treat developing India and China at par with it. Though he has tried to justify to his people that Paris deal if followed by US would mean that it is prohibited from using its massive energy reserves like coal, etc and has expressed his apprehension about his nation becoming unable to compete with the rest of the world, but such apprehensions are wrong. Trump needs to realize that when the world talks about sustainable development the developed nations owe the greatest responsibility due to the fact that it is these nations who have used the resources as per their own free will at the cost of the other nations where development is still in infancy. As per the established international norms the developed nations are bound to constrict the use of resources to balance the situation to a level both the developed and the developing nations acquire a status that is equitable in all respects. Uncle Sam needs to realize that the Paris declaration in itself is a clear sign that the international society is much more open to alter economic and political behaviour to control climate change, which is by all means positive. It needs to be realized that Climate change is a marathon not a sprint and the agreement sets a course for the marathon in the years ahead. Now that the agreement seeks to create a transparent system that will allow the public to monitor how well each country is doing at meeting its goals it is most unfortunate that the biggest player in the scheme of global affairs has backed out. However, the silver lining that is visible is Trump’s assertion that he was open to negotiate a better deal for the US or re-enter the accord on improved terms. Though even sans US participation things are going to move ahead in the direction of addressing the Climate Change issue, yet the scientists and environmentalists are apprehensive about the planet reaching more dangerous levels of warming sooner due to Trump’s decision as America contributes hugely to carbon dioxide and global rising temperatures. It is hoped that the Indian PM Modi would once again take the initiative of convincing Uncle Sam on the issue so that its participation increases the level of motivation among the nations and the people across the globe towards a quick transition to sustainable development, thus leaving least scope for the future generations to curse the present generation.