Army foils BAT attack on LoC in Poonch; intruder killed; arms ammunition recovered

GJ Report
Jammu, Feb 19: Army has foiled BAT attack on the Line of Control in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir.
“On Sunday evening at about 1715 hrs Pakistan Army initiated unprovoked and indiscriminate firing of small arms, automatics and mortars and engaged our troops deployed in forward posts on the LC in this area,” defence spokesperson here said.
“The troops responded with retaliatory fire in equal measure and the alert troops noticed some movement and immediately engaged the group with effective fire”.
“There was an immediate retaliation from the armed intruders,” he said adding that the supporting and covering fire from Pakistan Army posts with a view to cover the move and help in extrication of the armed intruders continued unabated.
“In this ensuing firefight, one armed intruder was killed and at least two others sustained grievous injuries and were seen returning back towards Pakistani post,” he added and said that subsequent search and sanitization operations carried out resulted in recovery of one body in combat fatigues. The recoveries made from the spot included three live RPG grenades, four disposable Rocket Launchers , two IKOM radio set , one AK Magazine , two Molotov cocktails , four UBGL grenades , seven Hand grenades , one PIKA belt fired , one Mobile Phone, three back packs , Medical satchel and Pakistani National flag.
“The modus operandi adopted by Pakistan army and their sponsored and supported terrorists in this instance is similar to the previous attempts made in the recent past in incidents like one at Keri, Gambir and Sunjawan,” he added.
The spokesperson said that Pakistan reg Army and SSG have provided fire support and abetted operation by Non State Actors who have been utilised as dispensable Cannon Fodder.
“The heavy recovery of weapons like disposable RLs, Rocket propelled grenades and incendiary ammunition clearly indicate implicit support of the Pakistan army to target and cause causalities while maintaining a degree of deniability,” he asserted.
“It is not understood how the Pak Non State Actors are regularly sacrificed to fulfill the agenda of the Pak Army. After the Sanjuwan incident, Pak has refused to accept the bodies of their citizens- we will be offering to hand over the body of the armed intruder killed on Sundag to Pak Army,” the spokesperson said.
“Pakistan continues in its nefarious designs of supporting and abetting infiltration across the LOC. Water tight arrangements along LC to check terrorist movement has been amply quashed by this attempt, the spokespserson said.
The statement by Pak COAS at Munich Conference in Paris in which he said that there are no terrorist safe havens in Pakistan has proven to be hollow, the spokesperson said.
“Pakistan has been supporting terrorism in a systematic manner with complete support of Pakistan Army,” he said.
The spokespersons said that Pakistan had repeatedly failed to respect and fulfill its CFV agreement and Jan 2004 commitment for ‘Not allowing its soil or territory under its control to be used for terrorism against India’.
“It is clear that Pakistan has never been interested to bring about peace and stability in J&K,” he said adding, “they have been vitiating the atmosphere both along LC and Hinterland. The White Knight Corps is keeping a strict and constant vigil across the LOC and all the security force are prepared to thwart any nefarious designed of Pakistan sponsored terrorists”.