movie review

AIYAARY … a MAGICAL DISGUISE it means & in the context of this very intellectually & smartly made movie by MR NEERAJ PANDEY here he portrays the DISGUISE in which our whole system works … showing here is the hand to hand coordination of a few CORRUPT officials in the army with the arms & ammunition dealers also exposing a land deal for its own good.
The movie very rightly belongs to the director MR NEERAJ PANDEY who also has scripted it very finely with few hard hitting dialogues SIDDARTH MALHOTRA looks Good & also does a fine job but it’s MANOJ BAJPAYEE who steals the show with his A-CLASS PERFOMANCE & TIMING & in the climax MR NASEERUDIN SHAH is ADORABLE & APPLAUDABLE… rest all are AVERAGE but MR VIKRAM GOKHALE as the ARMY CHIEF is the perfect choice & proves his class…. a special mention of a dear FRIEND of mine MR Ajit Bhure a renowned name in MARATHI STAGE who makes a two scene debut as the MINISTER with this movie & for sure has a GREAT FUTURE in BOLLYWOOD AIYAARY a MUST WATCH for the audience who love Thrillers