PDP-BJP Govt fails to provide basic amenities to people

JAMMU, FEB 16: Senior leader, Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Congress Committee Raman Bhalla on Friday alleged that PDP-BJP coalition Government has failed in providing basic amenities like water, power and ration to people in the State. Bhalla said that Government is running away from its duty to conduct urban Local-body and Panchayat elections. He was addressing a public gathering in Gandhi Nagar constituency.
“Priority of this regime is not to empower people by strengthening democratic institutions but those sitting at the helm of affairs want to accomplish their nefarious designs by controlling such institutions through undemocratic means”, he observed and cautioned that such attitude of ruling parties would be proved disastrous for the State. Terming promises made by PDP-BJP Government as ‘mere bluff’, Bhalla said that voters are fed up with the ‘sheer opportunism’ policy of these two political parties. Both the parties took extreme positions on most of the emotional issues and exploited their respective constituencies to the hilt, with a false and deceptive promise to keep each other out of power, if voted in strength.
Appealing people from different walks of life, particularly youth, to become a part of Congress, Bhalla said that Congress, by way of its pro-people policies, is the only viable regional alternative for people of the State. He said that the ruling Government failed to do anything good for the people of State except strengthening instrument of oppression to unleash terror on them.
Urging the coalition Govt to honour election-time promises made with people of Jammu region, Bhalla said that the BJP’s political constituency had suffered the worst neglect and discrimination under the present regime. “Hunger for power has taken toll of the opportunistic alliance, which is overtly and covertly working towards weakening the very idea of Jammu and Kashmir,” alleged Bhalla.