Indian-origin man jailed in Singapore for threatening to beat up wife

Singapore, Feb 14: An Indian-origin man on?Wednesday was jailed for threatening to kill his wife even if he has to go to prison for the crime. Ramachandran Maniam, 48, will be spending more than one year and two months behind bars, after admitting to criminal intimidation by threatening to harm his estranged wife, reported The Straits Times.
As he had committed the offence in breach of his remission order for an earlier conviction, he was sentenced on?Wednesday to an enhanced punishment of 372 days in jail on top of two months’ jail for criminal intimidation.
Ramachandran was placed on the mandatory aftercare scheme from October 16-27 last year.
He was housed at halfway house under the scheme for inmates released under the conditional remission system and deemed to be at higher risk of recidivism.
The court heard that on October 19, Ramachandran went to look for his wife. He called out to his son, 21, in a garden near a public housing estate apartment block, and said he wanted to speak to his wife.
When told that she was at work, he insisted on speaking to her and uttered: “I am going to beat your mother one good one and if I will go prison, I don’t mind”. (Agencies)