Dhosmochey Mela culminates with great fanfare

LEH, FEB 14: The two days Mela Dosmochey concluded today with burning of yearly ‘Storma’ amid chanting of prayers by monks drawn from various monasteries alternately to ward off evil spirit and natural calamities. A big procession was taken out which started from Leh Main Market and culminated at Katmochey, where a huge colourful structure ‘Storma’ (made of butter, barley and colourful thread) was burnt amid chanting of prayers by monks. Thousand of enthusiastic people thronged at Katmochey to witness burning of Storma, marked as victory of good over evil.
While interacting with Greater Jammu, Shathup Phandey, Thathok Lobon, informed that every year, Dhos are prepared by monks of Dakthok Monastery, a practice which is going on from the reign of Kings. He further said that such practices help in dispelling darkness to bring timely rainfall, unity, peace, prosperity and harmony in the society. Similarly, Liker Dhosmochey is also concluded today with burning of yearly ‘Storma’. Minutes before the Dhos was about to be burnt, people rushed to get a piece of thread from Dhos, which is believed for bringing good fortune.