IG Traffic tightens noose against violators

Jammu, Feb 13: Famous as ‘Singham’ for his ‘Dabang’ style working in the department, newly appointed Inspector General Traffic, Jammu and Kashmir Police, Basant Rath has tightened noose against the violators including the ‘men in khakhi’ asking them to strictly follow the traffic rules while on road.
Rath, who took the charge as new IGP Traffic, J&K last week from outgoing IGP Jagjit Kumar, immediately swung into action and issued advisories and warnings too in a humble manner to the people of Jammu and cops not only through notices but also on social media particularly on the Facebook.
The top cop had also asked people to register their complaints, suggestions and feedbacks on his wall besides messages on official whatsapp number besides strictly warning them of not sending good morning GIFs.
In one of his Facebook posts, the ‘dabang’ officer has said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I took charge as IG, Traffic. Please leave all your complaints, suggestions and feedback on the traffic police FB page. We’ll be accountable. I’ll be accountable. My personal email id is piplipuri6@gmail.com. My Twitter account is @KangriCarrier”.
Another post read, “Friends, my Whatsapp number is 9419018689. One useless message, you are blocked. No good morning GIFs please. And no calls. Or else, it’ll be your loss. Not mine. I love you”.
However, warning cops violating the rules, Rath has said, “Dear Cop, please don’t make a mockery of my presence in Jammu. Please show me some respect and wear a helmet. I’ll ruin your day if you don’t mend your ways. Don’t you love your family members? Let Death wait. I love you”.
Requesting people of Jammu not to use mobile phones while driving and appealing them to make videos of traffic cops being bribed by the drivers, the Traffic IGP further posted, “Dear Jammu, if you find a traffic cop taking money from a driver, please use your smartphone and make a video. As a supervisory officer, I’ll be accountable. I’ll make each traffic cop accountable. Thank you”.
Good morning, Jammu. Please don’t use your mobile phone while driving that beautiful car of yours. I love you. And your car,” he posted.
Moreover, the officer while assuring strict action mini buses, matadors, creating havoc on city roads posted, “Good morning, Jammu. just for a day, we’ll target pressure horns and music systems on buses and matadors. And no bus and matador will be allowed on the road to ply with its doors open. No means no”.
Another post read, “Dear Jammu, if I’m working on a Sunday, please respect my labour. Wear a helmet. Don’t jump traffic lights. Don’t modify the silencer of a Bullet motorcycle. And please have patience. I’ll target the matadors next week”.
The officer however, also had words of appreciations and kudos for his team headed by SSP Traffic Jammu Nisha Nathyar for excellent efforts in streamlining the traffic mess around.
Meanwhile in yet another post, he has also asked people in Srinagar to follow the rules strictly asserting, “Good morning, Srinagar. I’ll come to you this week. I plan to target the cops who think traffic rules are not meant for them. If they don’t wear helmets, if they don’t respect traffic lights, if they think their bikes are aircrafts, I’ll make things unbearably difficult for them”.
And finally, a message for traffic violators having political links, which read as, “Dear politically well-connected interest groups, my name is Basant. I do what I do”. (UNI)