Pro Pak slogans inside Assembly have fuelled anti-national forces: Harsh

RAMNAGAR, FEB 12: While assigning the charge of criticizing the NC MLA’s Pro Pak harangues inside the Assembly to its lower level leaders, the BJP Ministers preferred to maintain stoic silence inside the legislature with no action whatsoever initiated against the defiant legislature for his highly seditious conduct, regretted Harsh Dev Singh, JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister. He said that some feeble noises made by a handful of BJP MLAs had failed to convince the nationalist people of Jammu and even BJP workers who felt extremely embarrassed and humiliated over the pusillanimity of their mandated leaders vainly attempting to play to the galleries.
Describing the ugly episode of Pak eulogy inside the legislature by NC MLA, Singh said that BJP leaders had hurt the nationalist sentiment and Dogra pride once again by failing to respond appropriately to the situation. He was addressing public meetings in the final leg of his three day tour of various villages including Chigli Rassain, Battal, Chororta of Ramnagar constituency. He asserted that none dared to raise such anti national and Pro Pak slogans when Panthers MLA were there in the Assembly. He said that mere presence of JKNPP MLAs inside the Assembly would serve as a deterrent thereby restraining and keeping in check even the most notorious legislators inside the legislature.
Describing the BJP MLAs as an Army of chocolate cream soldiers, Mr. Singh said that they had inflicted the biggest dent upon Dogra pride by their cowardice and imbecile mirth.