Yet again the terrorists barged into a Military Station in Jammu, a high security zone resulting in martyrdom of four Army personnel besides critical injuries to civilians including women and children being family members of the army personnel till reports last came in with the operation launched against the terrorists still in progress. The most astonishing aspect of this attack is that the incident took place despite the intelligence inputs about the imminent attack on the Army installations in the state especially in Jammu. While the operation was still in progress the state Assembly witnessed a ruckus as the anti Pak slogans by some BJP members irked the opposition members after which the NC member Akbar Lone dared to raise pro Pak slogans inside the Assembly. Really shameful on the part of NC member who has twice held the chair of Assembly Speaker. As if all this was not enough that afterwards while addressing media, replying to a question he quite comfortably retorted I said so, then what? What an irony that when the army personnel are sacrificing their lives for the nation the peoples representatives are not just politicking but making seditious statements even on the floor of the house. Today’s fidayeen attack has once again raised the issue of security threat to the state of J&K and the nation due to the presence of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis in the state especially in and around Jammu. The issue has been quite often raised by the nationalist section of the society in Jammu but nothing concrete has been done in the direction of repatriating these illegal immigrants. One fails to understand as to why the NC member Akbar Lone who derived pleasure in raising pro-Pak slogan Assembly got infuriated by the statement of the speaker Kavinder Gupta expressing apprehension of Rohingyas working as conduits and facilitators for the terrorists as the settlements of Rohingyas are in close vicinity of the military station. However, the remarks of the speaker were later expunged from the proceedings. The apprehensions of the people in Jammu clubbed with the happenings of today at the military station and within and outside the Assembly seem to be well founded especially vis-a-vis the Rohingyas being a great security threat in the region. Since there have been inputs of likelihood of the terrorists having stayed in the nearby Rohingya settlement before launching the attack therefore it is the right time for both the state as well as the central governments not only to repatriate these illegal immigrants but also conduct a result oriented probe into the manner in which they have been settled in Jammu with active connivance of those in the government establishment which is evident from the fact that Aadhaar Cards and Ration Cards have been issued to some of them besides providing them water and electric supply by the concerned departments. It is pertinent to mention here that only recently a graveyard plot in Narwal area has now become the second home for over 250 Rohingyas from Myanmar and one fails to understand as to who permitted them in raising their shanties on a graveyard plot. Besides this over 150 families who arrived here from Myanmar have also raised temporary sheds housing 734 Rohingyas opposite police lines in Channi Himmat area of Jammu. 48 families comprising 206 Rohingyas are also camping in Sunjwan area where the military station was attacked by the terrorists today. It is quite astonishing that even in the close vicinity of 16 corps headquarters of the Indian Army in Nagrota, at least 40 Rohingyas have come up with a settlement and all this is happening with zero resistance from the government and its enforcement agencies. The biggest cause of concern is that illegal immigrants who have been staying here are without any Refugee cards issued by the office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). While operation in today’s terrorist attack is still going on it is hoped that those in governance address the two vital issues namely ‘Attacks taking place despite Intelligence inputs’ and ‘Facilitating Rohingyas to settle across J&K’ failing which terrorists will not relent in executing the gory Fidayeen attacks on civilians and the army installations. In brief, Wake up before it’s too late…?