Workshop on ‘First Aid for Neighborhood Animals’ conducted

JAMMU, FEB 9: Save Animals Value Environment (SAVE) organized a workshop today on “First Aid for Neighborhood Animals”. The first of its kind in Jammu, the workshop was aimed to inculcate compassion amongst young minds and build up the standard of care meted out to street animals in the state.
Principal GGM Science College Dr Satinder Singh, who was chief guest on the occasion, inaugurated the workshop.
In his address, he encouraged the students to learn about the basic first aid for the animals. “Every life is precious even animals when one learns to respect and care for living creatures who are weaker, voiceless and in pain. It is the ultimate step towards becoming a good human being. Street animals’ suffering is not uncommon in India. Seventy percent of the injuries of animals can be cured on the streets itself. Feeding on bags of plastic instead of grass, cows suffer unbearable pain and die a slow death through stomach infections. From the warmth of a mother’s womb, babies are born in a world with little comfort or care,” Dr Singh said.
The first aid workshop sought to explore the basic tenets of first aid, which if regularly practiced, can drastically improve the quality of life of many animals on the street. The participants were informed about easy ways to help street animals.
The workshop included a session on the need for undertaking organized first aid for animals, alongside basic techniques to cater to any animal suffering from small wound, a skin disease or a maggot infestation. First Aid kits were distributed.
Dr Himanshu from Brooke hospital discussed the various ways to approach and handle dogs and other animals. The participants were given information to efficiently handle animal-related emergencies. He shared relevant tips on examining neighborhood dogs apart from other useful first aid tips.
The session also included a talk on the legal awareness to channelize animal welfare. Advocate Sheikh Shakeel Ahmed and Advocate Zulker Nam Sheikh shared the legal information with the participants. The workshop saw enthusiastic participation from students.
Rumpy also took a captivating session during the workshop. She tried to make students aware about the Rabies virus.
Namrata Hakhoo, Dr Alpana Vohra, Assistant Professor Department of Zoology; Gurvinder Kaur, Hemlata Karki, Meenu and Akhil Sharma and Himanshu Sharma were also present.