Problems of Air Pollution, Environment and Human Health are correlated: Dr Sushil

JAMMU, FEB 4: Pledged to forge ahead with plans for awareness for cardiovascular diseases Dr Sushil Sharma held a day long camp in collaboration with Asha Kiran welfare society and Baba Lal Ji Trust at Baba Lal Ji Temple hall at Janipur here today. More than 200 people were screened, evaluated, diagnosed and free medicines were given as per the requirements.
Maintaining the positive relation between growing air pollution in the city and progression of cardiovascular diseases Dr. Sushil today opted to sensitise the inhabitants of the Janipur area of the Jammu city. He maintained that short-term exposure to particulate matter, or PM, can contribute to acute cardiovascular morbidity and mortality such as heart attacks and strokes, while long-term exposure can even shorten life expectancy. He said that it is highly desirable to see continuous deterioration of ambient air quality as an emergency keeping in view the recent report of the World Health Organisation which declared Jammu City as one among the 20 polluted cities in the world. The severity of the problem can be gauged form the fact that there are increasing number of people who die prematurely every year with the increasing pollution levels.
While interacting with the inhabitants he held that recent studies are suggestive of this fact that exposure to PM in the air can be associated with higher markers of inflammation throughout the body and is capable of impairing vascular function, particularly among higher-risk individuals and after traffic-related exposure. However, the specific health consequences related to this type of PM vary based on length of exposure, locality, weather conditions, prior risk factors, etc. A person’s overall mortality risk increases on average by about 10 percent due to long-term PM exposure, and cardiovascular mortality appears to be elevated to a similar extent. Acute morbidity and mortality associated with PM exposure is principally seen among susceptible individuals such as the elderly, those with pre-existing coronary artery disease and perhaps those with diabetes.
Most worrisome part of the problem is that some groups of society are more affected than others. However, because individuals cannot avoid or control exposure to PM, it is crucial that we work together to lower the amount of human-created PM and pollution to protect the cardiovascular health of our population. The problems of air pollution, environment and human health are correlated wherein one affects the other. The magnitude of the problem is such that it invites an integrated approach, he advised.
Management Committee of the Asha Kiran Welfare Society Dr J P Gupta (Chairman), Ved Parkash Sharma (President) and Kamal Netar Gupta ( Gen Secy) appreciated the efforts of Dr Sushil and his team for accepting their request and conducted Cardiac awareness cum Medical camp in their area.