Jamyang Tsering Namgyal likely to be new CEC LAHDC

Dr. Skalzang Dorjay & Chhewang Dorjay
The death of Dr. Dawa Lonpo, is huge loss to the Ladakh in particular and India in general. Dr. Sonam Dawa Lonpo CEC LAHDC Leh was a doctor turned politician and he has immensely contributed to Ladakh region through his service first in the capacity of CMO, Leh and later as a CEC, Leh. Dr Dawa’s services to the people of Ladakh as a doctor, administrator, a distinguished politician and above all as a good human being will always be a benchmark for all the politicians of Ladakh in particular and India in general. But amidst these sorrows and pain we have to understand the loss.
As the death of Late Dr. Dawa, CEC Leh has created an unexpected and worrisome vacuum in political scenario of Ladakh, it will take a while for supporters and leaders of the BJP party at Contd. on P-4 Col 2Ladakh to come to terms with the huge void created by the death of Dr. Dawa. In this situation we have to explore an alternative and next CEC, Leh, as the post of CEC is most important for development of Ladakh region especially in Leh. Different names are being proposed for the post of Next CEC and one among the few is Dorjay Motup Councillor of Kyungyam Constituency popularly known as DM, and some are expecting for Gyal P. Wangyal Councillor of Sakti to be next CEC, Leh.
In this doubtful scenario many people are expecting for Jamyang Tsering Namgyal to be the next CEC, Leh, known as one of the most dynamic and educated Councillor from Martselang constituency popularly known as JTN in virtual world. JTN is one of the most iconic personalities in BJP in Ladakh region and popularly known for his daring voice, bold decisions and people love him for his sincerity and simplicity. In fact it was JTN who made BJP an important player in the politics of Ladakh. It was the hard work of JTN and his friends which has led to BJP securing absolute majority in the LAHDC, Leh. Jamyang Tsering Namgyal is also in the State Executive Member of J&K BJP, assigned with the responsibility of Media Secretary. He also has very good liaison with State BJP leadership especially with Dr. Nirmal Sing Dy. CM, MLA Sat Sharma President BJP, Ashok Koul BJP Organising Secretary and MLA Ravinder Raina and many more.
A reliable source says that Ram Madhav is expected to attend the funeral ceremony of Late Dr. Sonam Dawa on 6th Feb and he will again chair the meeting with party senior leaders in Leh to choose the right candidate for the next Chairman of LAHDC Leh. Sources also revealed that BJP Central leadership is looking for the future of BJP in Ladakh region and most of them are with the young Councillor Jamyang Tsering Namgyal as he has the credibility of public acceptance. Leh unit of BJP is looking for a senior Councillor to be the next Chairman but it is confirmed from a reliable sources that most of BJP Councillors in LAHDC Leh are with Jamyang Tsering Namgyal. They have full faith in the capabilities of JTN to lead them as well as the Council on lines of Modi’s governance slogan of ‘Sab ka Sath Sab ka Vikas’. The young councillor Jamyang Tsering Namgyal has built up a good public relation in every nook and corner of Ladakh so he is also considered as the youngest Mass Leader from Ladakh. He joined BJP in 2012 as State Spokesperson for Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha Jammu after retiring from President of All Ladakh Student Union and also worked as Office Secretary in BJP Leh till 2014. He was one of the star Campaigners and keynote speaker for Kaga Thupstan Tsewang in his Parliamentary Election 2014 and he was instrumental in the winning of MP seat from Ladakh. He has also worked as Private Secretary of Member Parliament Thupstan Tsewang for more than two years and latter contested Council Election in 2015 and won with highest margins of vote.
State and Leh BJP should also learn from the central government by taking a bold decision, as central elected Nirmala Sitharaman as a defence minister and Adityanath Yogi as CM of Utter Pradesh, in the context of that if the young and dynamic councillor JTN becomes the Chairman/CEC of the important institution then party can be strengthened more keeping in view the long term scenario. Merely seniority list may spoil the public expectations; party should see the report cards of the councillors in the last two years of BJP government in LAHDC, Leh. It will take a while for supporters and leaders of the BJP party in Ladakh to come to terms with the huge void created by the death of Dr. Dawa. So exploring an alternative leader is not going to be easy as it is ridden with the possibilities of Loss of Political Capital for BJP. So amidst these the people would like to see a new leader to reflect the change and continuity, and A Vision for future Ladakh.